trans*formation’s Transgender Equality submission to the Women and Equalities Committee

trans*formation is pleased to confirm that it has made a written submission ot the UK Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee Transgender equality inquiry.

“The Women and Equalities Committee is undertaking an inquiry into equality for transgender (trans) people – that is, people who identify with a different gender to the one assigned to them at birth.

In recent years important steps have been taken to ensure equality for trans people. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 for the first time allowed trans people to be legally recognised in their new gender. And the Equality Act 2010 made it illegal to discriminate against trans people.

However, the Committee is aware that full equality for trans people still has not been achieved. In its inquiry the Committee is looking at a range of outstanding issues and considering how they can most effectively be addressed…”

Our submission is available as a PDF on the website.

trans*formation makes headlines at our First Birthday party

As reported in GayStar News trans*formation marked our first year of activities with a celebration at Deloitte’s offices in the City of London.

Speaking to Gay Star Business, one of trans*formations co-chairs explained why the group was launched last year. ‘There was a need to bring together trans* professionals and supportive organizations,’ said Kimberley Bird, who works for Lloyds Banking Group in IT. ‘Many large organizations are not anti-trans but they are ignorant of the what trans people need to succeed.’

Her sentiment was echoed by fellow co-chair Emma Cusdin, who works in HR for Thomson Reuters: ‘We felt that traditional LGBT networks tended not to focus on trans* issues with typically only a few trans people attending LGBT events.

‘As a trans woman, working in the corporate world, I know that feeling of being alone so I personally got involved with trans*formation to bring trans* people together so that we can have a stronger voice.’

Another of the group’s co-chairs, Patrick Osborne, Head of Strategic Insight & Reporting at QVC, talked about his own journey to become to a trans* ally, and the importance of allies in changing corporate attitudes towards trans and non-binary individuals. ‘Challenge your own personal views and be honest,’ he advised the cisgender in the audience. ‘Find out about trans* people’s experiences because there are still a lot of misconceptions; it’s important we become comfortable talking about trans* issues.’

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