trans*formation comments on news that ‘One in four people have a transgender work colleague’

GayStar News reports that, “The latest Randstad Workmonitor survey has explored global attitudes to sexual orientation diversity in the workplace. One of the questions asked employees in 34 countries whether they had any transgender work colleagues.

Commenting on the findings, Kimberley Bird, co-chair of Trans* professional network trans*formation, told Gay Star Business: ‘Visible transgender colleagues are becoming more prevalent in the workplace, yet the policies and benefits of these organisations do not support trans colleagues.

‘In many instances the healthcare benefits are actively discriminatory, with cover for people with trans* related healthcare issues being excluded. We know of no organisation in the UK whose private healthcare benefits cover the needs of trans people.’

Helen Belcher, of Trans Media Watch said, ‘Trans* issues have been treated as marginal and unimportant for years. I’ve been saying for a long time that trans issues don’t just affect the trans person, but their families, friends and work colleagues also.’ ”

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