OUTstanding & FT Leading LGBT & Ally Executives lists

The Efforts of two of the co-founders of trans*formation were recognized by the FT and OUTstanding this year.

Kimberley Bird was ranked number 75 on the list of Leading LGBT Executives and Emma Cusdin ranked as 23 on the list of LGBT Future Leaders.

Both Kimberley and Emma were delighted with this recognition of the work they undertake in their professional careers and proud to be visible trans rolemodels.

Mx matters as much as Lord, Prof, Ms and Mr, Pippa Bunce writes in the FT

In an op-ed piece in the Financial Times, trans*formation Ambassador Pippa Bunce writes on the subject of the title Mx which was recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Pippa writes, “So what is in a name and why should it matter? To manytrans* people (a wide range of individualswho do not see themselves in traditional gender terms) the use of correct names and pronouns is very important as this gesture signifies respect and understanding.”

“The LGBT community has so many labels that it is unsurprising some people find the subject of gender identity confusing, or even infuriating. There are some basic concepts to keep straight: sexuality is simply who a person is attracted to. Most people are either straight, gay or bisexual, although there are many other who define themselves differently. Gender identity and gender expression, meanwhile, are distinctly separate constructs”

[Read the full story at the FT]

trans*formation welcomes Bank of America Merrill Lynch Trans* healthcare decision

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is believed to be the first company in the UK to include gender reassignment in their health insurance benefits.

As reported by GayStar News, “The news was greeted by Kimberley Bird, the co-chair of the UK-based professional networking group for transgender employees and allies, trans*formation.

The group was launched in 2014, at first aimed primarily at trans employees in the financial sector. ‘At trans*formation we have been challenging organizations in the UK to end the practice of withholding medical treatment on the basis of gender identity. As such trans*formation is delighted to see that BofAML is offering Gender Reassignment Surgery as part of its health insurance package.

‘We fully expect other organizations to follow their lead to retain and attract talented individuals. We look forward to BofAML and other organizations offering a complete range of medical cover to transgender colleagues, not just surgery.’ ”

[Read the full story at GayStar News]

“How inclusive is your organisation?” at BNP Paribas

We were absolutely delighted to be part of BNP Paribas’ Diversity Week in early October where we had the opportunity, over lunch, to educate and share our experience of issues impacting Trans* people in the workplace.

It was wonderful that Mike Waite, from BNP Paribas, shared his experiences and thoughts as a Trans* ally in front of an audience from a wide section of private and public organisations.

Thank you to BNP Paribas to giving us this opportunity and for being super hosts.