Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you represent?

We represent all people who identify under the broad Trans* umbrella. This includes people who identify as transgender, transsexual, transvestite, cross- dressers, non-binary and gender fluid. This list is not exhaustive and if you identify under the Trans* umbrella we would love to hear from you.

What do you think of trans people who are stealth?

We recognise that not all trans people are visible, if this is their choice we support them.

What do you think of LGB organizations who have become T inclusive? e.g Stonewall.

We welcome the fact that organizations that have traditionally been solely LGB focussed are now embracing Trans* issues. We recognize that Trans* people have different challenges and experiences to LGB people. Many Trans* people are also LGB and, whilst gender identity and sexual orientation are two very distinct areas there is, for many Trans* people, an overlap between the LGB issues and Trans* challenges.

Organizations who rely on Trans* people to create their Trans* narrative will undoubtedly be more authentic in their appreciation of Trans* issues. What we would not welcome are organizations embracing the T in LGBT, but who are silent on T issues and who rely solely on cis-gendered people to create their Trans* narrative.

The right of Trans women to call themselves women is called into question by some feminists. How do you respond to this?

We do not agree with this. Women with a transgender history are women and are regarded as such under the law. Denying this could be considered transphobic. Fortunately there are very few women who hold this view. The majority of women are overwhelmingly positive towards women with a Trans* history.

Do you have a question?

Send us an F A QWe are looking to expand this area of our website and welcome questions. Please drop us a line if there is something you’d like to see answered here.